Weddings & Other Rituals

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Creating, writing and officiating at ceremonies for weddings and other rituals is one of the highlights of my work. Rituals affirm life!

Birth, Baptism, Coming of Age, Joining together, Choosing to part, Grieving a loss, Embracing change, Celebrating transformation; these are life’s sacred stories, and they are best honored with ritual.

As an Interfaith minister, I serve people of any faith, mixed faith and no faith; spiritual paths named and un-named. Whether a wedding, or a customized ceremony to commemorate a significant life event, I seek to develop a collaborative and creative process with those I’m serving. This is best accomplished with one or more in-person meetings.

Spiritual Direction or Pre-marital preparation sessions (strongly encouraged) often provide an important space to establish, integrate, deepen and celebrate intentions in the months preceding the wedding ceremony.

“Lauren worked with us so gracefully, meeting us where we were and following our lead, but adding suggestions that were spot-on and truly in service of our vision for the wedding. The text of the ceremony has become a document we revisit each year and discuss on our anniversary as an expression of our highest ideals for our marriage. We remain deeply moved and grateful.”
—Tara Noone and Scott Magness, Bride and Groom